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Thou shalt erect it

Credit: Brad Gregg The county in far eastern Oklahoma approved the original request, made by former Poteau mayor Don Barnes, in April 2009. The plan was scrapped a couple months later when a federal appeals court ruled that a similar monument, at Haskell County’s courthouse in nearby Stigler, amounted to a government endorsement of religion.

Capitol commandments

The monument is the result of a measure introduced by state Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, and passed by the Legislature in 2009 allowing for a privately paid-for monument to be placed on public property outside the Capitol. Little fanfare accompanied the installation on the north side of the building, with about a dozen non-workers

What separation of church and state?

Credit: Brad Gregg Last week, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma released survey results of its “2012 Oklahoma Voter’s Guide for the Well-Informed Voter of Faith.” Of course, in this instance, “Voter of Faith” means follower of the one correct and true faith of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Catholics, Mormons, Unitarians or people

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