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Sen. Lankford, Free Speech Fairness Act

Sen. James Lankford asserts nonprofit organizations are unfairly prevented from engaging in political activity

Sen. James Lankford asserts nonprofit organizations are unfairly prevented from engaging in political activity

His Free Speech Fairness Act would allow nonprofit organizations to speak freely about politics and candidates.

Sheri.Dickerson_OK Gazette Dec. photo

Two candidates and an incumbent run for the Ward 7 seat on the Oklahoma City Council

T. Sheri Dickerson, Marina Mangiaracina and incumbent John Pettis Jr. will be on the Feb. 14 election ballot.

Em and the MotherSuperiors — Churches into Theaters

The group builds a wall of raucous noise with bricks from all corners of the rock and blues universe: brassy horns, soulful wails, glammy guitar riffs and pounding percussion. Even if there’s a gap here and there, it’s a largely successful remodel. Em and the MotherSuperiors are especially effective on the sultry, slower turns, be

New blessing

Guthrie’s Trinity Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Oklahoma City are the first two in the state’s western half to receive approval from Episcopal Bishop Ed Konieczny. Father John Borrego, the rector of Trinity, said his congregation went through a lengthy process to determine if the church would offer the ceremony. “No member

Superior sound

A five-piece of former “Motherbitches” gathered around its communal kitchen table on a Monday afternoon, indulging in stories of drunken fan squabbles, Oklahoma City’s finicky music scene and the romance that started it all six years ago. Now known as Em and the MotherSuperiors, the psychedelic soul outlet opted to drop “Motherbitches” from its name

It’s a blessing

“What we are doing is blessing a commitment, not conferring legal or civil rights,” he said. “This is not a wedding.” The publication of the documents follows a nine-month study by a committee Konieczny had formed to respond to Resolution A049. At the 2012 general convention, the Episcopal Church USA, or ECUSA, approved the resolution

The three E’s

Specifically, he wants to see his downtown church involved in three areas: education, the environment and the economy. Joining St. Paul’s in September, he was appointed by Edward Konieczny, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. “I take care of preaching, administration, sacraments, teaching and all the day-to-day activities of the church,” said Lindstrom. After

Building Liberia’s library

Evelyn Phyffer, among the key organizers of the collection, said during a trip to Liberia, she saw firsthand the republic’s desperate need for books for children, medical students and seminary students. “Teachers in Liberia use the chalk-and-talk method,” she said. “They have to write all their lessons on a chalkboard because students do not have

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