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Miki Kawamura has danced a number of high-profile roles for OKC Ballet. | Photo Jana Carson / provided

The OKC arts community owes immigration for two of its key figures

The OKC arts community owes immigration for two of its key figures

“I had my cello, I had my suitcase, and I literally had $20,” Tomasz Zieba said. “That’s all I had.”


Ancestors of Muscogee (Creek) Freedmen seek reinstatement

Freedmen were slaves of Native Americans, and their tribal citizenship and benefits were revoked in 1979.

Carlos Rubio, born in Mexico and raised in Tulsa, began his studies at the University of Oklahoma last month. | Photo Laura Eastes

High-achieving undocumented immigrant students work hard with hopes of future citizenship

“I knew I could attend a university and be successful,” Rubio said. “The possibility is out there.”

Senator Brian Crain speaks to attendees at the launch of Reason for Reform Campaign at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, August 3, 2016.  (Emmy Verdin)

Local leaders call for immigration law changes

Immigrants trying to become U.S. citizens face unknown hurdles that take years and thousands of dollars to cross.

Citizen wane

Those two findings were part of the 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index, which was developed by a team of faculty and student researchers at the University of Central Oklahoma in partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship. The research team presented its report Dec. 4 to Oklahoma Secretary of State Glenn Coffee. According to the

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