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Oklahoma civil rights leader’s recordings now available

Each reel-to-reel cassette and 8-track recording was preserved, rehoused, digitized and edited. The 28 shows include the Okfuskee County-born educator and civil rights leader’s shows from the 1960s through 2006. More shows will be released soon, organizers said. Luper also was the first black student to enroll in OU’s history department. She earned her masters

Mandating the Pledge of Allegiance

After posting this on my social media, it became painfully apparent that fellow Oklahomans had strong opinions regarding this topic. I realize that the Pledge of Allegiance is a true symbol of patriotism, and for good reason. Have we, however, considered the origins of our pledge and why it was originally introduced into our schooling


The 2004 vote on this issue confirmed Oklahomans’ view that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, but as much as we struggle with the idea of a gay couple being married, we must come to the realization that gay marriage will be legal in all states, maybe quicker than we think.


During the last five decades, Howell, now 79, has accepted almost every type of legal case imaginable, but now his practice focuses on injury law. When he talked about possibly ending his long, illustrious career, the attorney and former state legislator joked, “Old lawyers don’t retire; they just lose their appeal.” That’s not the case

Glorious resurrection

But that was more than half a century ago, when the church was a key part of the Oklahoma City black community and the civil rights movement. There, King preached a sermon as an audition to be the church’s full-time pastor. Ironically, church leaders thought King was too young to lead a congregation of that

Battle royale

Photo: Heather Brown Through battleground memorabilia and personal mementos, the summer exhibition at Edmond Historical Society & Museum localizes a Civil War battle’s overwhelming death and destruction. The Legacy of Gettysburg coincides with the historic battle’s 150th anniversary. A museum patron’s private collection supplied approximately 110 pieces from the Battle of Gettysburg, including rifles, swords,

Django Unchained

The result is a brutal, bloody epic that hits theaters on Christmas Day. Happy birthday, Jesus! Paying homage to the Italian Django franchise birthed in 1966, Tarantino delivers what could serve as the origin story of the bounty hunter, if not for his Civil War-era setting and race-reversal casting. Jamie Foxx (Horrible Bosses) is enormously

Whither a Kardashians court?

No, that’s not the name of next season’s Kardashian family spinoff, but rather the possible future of Oklahoma judicial retention elections as scripted by the State Chamber of Oklahoma. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce became a shrewd and dominant legal player at the turn of the millennium, transforming formerly quiescent, low-dollar state Supreme Court elections

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