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Kickin’ Route 66: Hit the road this fall to learn more about state, American history

Kickin’ Route 66: Hit the road this fall to learn more about state, American history

We also selected this roundup of fun and unusual roadside attractions, eateries, venues, museums and more that will pique any day-tripper’s curiosity while learning more about our state history and the highway that connects America.

Five things to know about Thursday’s same-sex marriage hearing

U.S. District Judge Terence Kern ruled earlier this year that Oklahoma’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Kern’s ruling was immediately stayed, and an appeal was filed with the federal appeals court in Denver. It could take months for the circuit court to issue a ruling on Oklahoma’s case, and many believe the issue

Game Change

If Sen. McCain’s choice of the largely unknown Alaska Gov. Palin as his veep choice seemed out of nowhere then, there’s good reason: Because it pretty much was. McCain, here played by Ed Harris (Man on a Ledge), wanted Sen. Joe Lieberman, but was talked into someone “more transformative” by hired gun Steven Schmidt (Woody

Calling Rep. Lankford

The $1.5 trillion is for deficit reduction, not just spending. Lankford obviously prefers groveling on his knees before the tea party loons and signing demagogic anti-tax pledges, but the inescapable reality is that tax revenues are 6.2 percent of GDP below what they were in 2000 (the lowest level since the 1940s), with 47 percent

By the ‘Saints’

David Ives’ “Lives of the Saints,” now at Ghostlight Theatre Club, is comprised of seven one-act comedies of varying efficacy. An accomplished stylist, Ives works the language like Silly Putty, and he’s not above double entendres and groan-inducing puns. In “Babel’s in Arms,” about building the Tower of Babel, you get dialogue such as “Did

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