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Thunder players remain focused on Memphis as league reviews racist remarks

“We haven’t discussed it as a team, but everybody is pretty knowledgeable of the situation,” Russell Westbrook said following a Monday practice. Sterling, owner of the Clippers since 1981, was caught making racist remarks in an audio recording posted by TMZ and Deadspin. Sterling appears to disparage a female friend for posting photos of herself

Wine and fine

Twenty-five years later, LaVeryl Lower, The Metro’s owner, finally owns the building. The sale of the 22,000-square-foot facility was completed in time for a New Year’s celebration. Lower partnered with Ken Howell, co-owner of the Howell Gallery in the same facility, to purchase the building. The Metro has always been located at 6418 N. Western

Wish Lists

Jesse Jane Moore, adult film actress Q. If you were Santa, what would you give Oklahoma for Christmas? A. If I were Santa, I would give the families who’ve lost everything from the tornados their homes back, and I would rebuild Oklahoma to be a better place. Q. What was the greatest accomplishment for Oklahoma

Stay positive

Though the three-time All-NBA second team point guard’s injury has cast uncertainty on the start of the fifth Oklahoma City Thunder season, Westbrook was unfettered while addressing those concerns. “My state of mind? Positive, always positive for me,” Westbrook said during Thunder media day on Sept. 27. “I think through the process of rehab, you

Dog’s best friend

Credit: Brad Gregg According to news accounts, the Rottweiler pup was in a van with the windows rolled down. Still, Switzer felt sorry for the animal. He plucked the canine from the car, tracked down the owners and purchased the dog from them on the spot. Switzer took the pup, which he named Stella, to

5 WTF Facts About Justin Bieber

1. The spelling feature of the layout program Adobe InDesign does not recognize “Bieber” as a word. It does, however, suggest “babyish” for a replacement.   2. Bieber employed a full-time “swag coach” to teach the teen “different swaggerific things to do.” On a related note, the U.S. Department of Labor calculates the current unemployment

Homer on the range

If an antonym exists for this brand of broadcasting boosterism, that word could be used to describe what certain Oklahoma City Thunder followers think of ESPN/ ABC’s No. 1 broadcasting team. Pompon shakers in Loud City are obviously disappointed that the Cinderella season came up a bit short, leading some to even accuse announcer Mike

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