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Rob Belushi and Jon Barinholz are LA-based improv duo Sheldon. (Provided)

OKC Improv’s fall run features some (not so) serious local and national talent

OKC Improv’s fall run features some (not so) serious local and national talent

The run will feature a mix of established favorites and a host of brand new troupes, many of which will compete against each other as part of the popular Cage Match tournament.

Knights of Badassdom

Too bad, because it starts quite well, as ambition-less auto mechanic Joe (Ryan Kwanten, TV’s True Blood) is dumped by his too-good-for-him girlfriend. To pick Joe up out of his doldrums, his housemates and best buds (played by Dallas Buyers Club‘s Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage of TV’s Game of Thrones) get him high and

The Wolf of Wall Street

As he did with the mob in 1990′s Goodfellas and with the gambling world in 1995′s Casino, Scorsese again grants us an epic peek at another world’s process; in this case, Wall Street’s repeated fleecing of Main Street. It’s yet another Scorsese masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio never has been better — and that’s really saying something

Return to Nuke ‘Em High

Usually, Troma can offend with simple scoops of sex and violence and gore; here, director/iconoclast Lloyd Kaufman realizes lesbian couplings can’t serve as his ceiling, so the script includes bad-taste jokes related to James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Jerry Sandusky and Trayvon Martin. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t laugh during the movie — just

Boot Scootchin’ boogie

Smith is a burly, bearded dude (balding, too). In many ways, he resembles a disheveled Chris Pratt (TV’s Parks & Recreation). His appearance is important, but it’s not because his unique brand of comedy is in any way physical.  Rather, it’s important because Smith’s tactics are largely of a self-deprecating nature. And what’s funnier than

New Ado

Director René Moreno has set the play in Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory, at the turn of the last century. Thus, you have a Col. Don Pedro, a Lt. Claudio and a Capt. Benedick of Chickasha, all of the First Cavalry Regiment. Moreno makes numerous other dialog changes to fit the setting. Placing Shakespeare plays in the

Blind Date

In his first movie role, Bruce Willis exhibits some of that easygoing charisma that then was serving him well as TV’s Moonlighting and, just one year later, rocketed him to the stratosphere in Die Hard. At the time hot off 9 1/2 Weeks, but not yet cast in Batman, future Oscar winner Kim Basinger also