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Archie Meets KISS

But who should follow these beasts from another dimension? Why, Gene Simmons and his bandmates, who proclaim, “We’re gonna rock those monsters back where they came from!!” (Double exclamation points theirs.) Therefore, the excellent title of Archie Meets KISS is fulfilled — certainly the greatest team-up in comics history since 1994’s Archie Meets the Punisher.


Rob Zombie wears many hats: metal icon, horror-film auteur, comic-book scribe and … laundry detergent commercial director? “I was not thinking about doing TV commercials. I was intrigued, but didn’t feel like pitching myself,” he said of the new spot he shot for Woolite, through the lens of his scary screen work. “An ad agency

Action Comics #900 / Flashpoint #1 / Batman: Arkham City #1

The point of controversy isn’t to be found in the main story, which finds a Phantom Zone-radiated Lex Luthor taking Superman on a tour of his past to try and break him, and thus, gain his infinite power. Or something like that. Since the tale completes a serialized storyline I haven’t been exposed to, it’s

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