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The OKC zoo and The Nature Conservancy are working together to preserve Oklahoma habitats and wildlife, including butterflies. | Photo Bill Adams / The Nature Conservancy / provided

OKC Zoo and Nature Conservancy create research partnership

OKC Zoo and Nature Conservancy create research partnership

Current studies are researching fires, surveying mammals and monitoring amphibians for diseases.

Waste not

“We just didn’t have any recycling options out at the festival,” said Angela Cozby, the festival’s director. For the past six years, festival officials have worked to create a completely trash-free event. This year, that goal will be reached. “The carbon footprint at [the Festival of the Arts] is pretty large and negative, so we

Getting scrappy

Best of all, the dirty work is done for free by bazillions of invisible, bacterial workers that never take breaks, vacations or even ask for raises. The result is compost. “The value is black gold,” said Zitterkob, co-founder of Fertile Ground Compost Services with Craghead. At any given time, the duo has piles of what

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