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Bills of goods, the sequel

Credit: Brad Gregg Well, wouldn’t yah know, we couldn’t get to ’em all. So here are more. Several bills seek to prohibit the use of “foreign” (read: Sharia) law in court. Speaking of foreigners, a proposal by Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma, House Bill 1866, would require that a charter school’s board members and top administrators

Bills of goods

Credit: Brad Gregg   We’re talking about the Oklahoma legislative session. Each year, bills are filed that, in the kindest of terms, could best be described as “paste-eaters.” Last year’s winner, hands down, was a proposal to ban the use of fetuses in food. It never made it to a vote, so be extra cautious

Gun crazy

Credit: Brad Gregg Got to run by the grocery store for eggs and toilet paper? Bring that .45! Ordering a no-fat mocha frappuccino? Do it with a .44! After enduring an obscenely long period of anti-Second Amendment fascism in our fair state, the estimated 141,000 Oklahomans with a concealed-carry permit can now breathe easy and

Open carry is an embarrassment

Robin Meyers In almost every column I wrote, there was a singular refrain: Beware the triumph of the Christian right in the halls of power. Beware the lawmaker whose intolerance masquerades as faith, and whose fundamental distrust of women creates laws designed to shame them rather than to protect them. Don’t say that you weren’t

Lines of fire

Bryan Wells Mark Hancock One allows residents of states that don’t require permits for concealed handguns to keep their arms in Oklahoma. Another alters the Oklahoma Riot Control and Prevention Act to prohibit state officials from seizing guns during a state of emergency. But the biggest and most talked-about gun bill will allow license-holders to

Careful where you point that

With no means of immediately identifying at a distance whether a person has a valid concealed carry permit (authorizing an open carry), anyone can open carry without being questioned. So how long before criminals become audacious enough to wear their firearms openly? From a legal standpoint, there are almost no circumstances where a private citizen

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