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Lindsay Biggs and Rachael Robinson help children make an Earth Day banner at the Oklahoma City Zoo Wednesday, April 19, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Summer Guide: OKC Zoo’s education programs teach compassion for wildlife

Summer Guide: OKC Zoo’s education programs teach compassion for wildlife

The zoo’s programs educate the public about conservation efforts and establish the zoo as more than a tourist attraction.

Worst-case scenario

Credit: Mark Hancock Already, the city has implemented mandatory odd-even lawn watering, but even that could get more restrictive depending on the amount of rainfall received by OKC and its other water resources in southeastern and northwestern Oklahoma. Recent rains have replenished a portion of the city’s water supply with lake capacity now at 56

OKC, get serious about water conservation

However, one resource is running out. And once it does, the very future of our city is at risk. Water is Oklahoma’s greatest resource. Without it, Oklahoma’s very way of life is threatened. Few Oklahomans alive today can remember what life was like for the Okies during the Dirty ’30s. Our only frames of reference

Conserve verve

With Earth Day being Monday, Oklahoma City’s Martin Park Nature Center will host its annual Earth Fest. Free and open to the public, the special day features a variety of speakers and exhibits focusing on conservation. Among the booths at the event will be one specifically about water conservation, a critical subject in the wake

A fine idea

A measure introduced at today’s Oklahoma City Council meeting would allow for a progressive fine schedule. Currently, the fine is $167, but that could change in about two weeks when the council will consider final adoption of the proposal. The would-be penalties would require a $119 fine for a first-time offense, followed by fines of

Dry ideas

Lake Hefner Credit: Shannon Cornman At the end of January, the city requested the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers release water from Lake Canton, to which the city has water rights, to replenish Lake Hefner, a municipal water reservoir that’s down 18 feet below normal. A state wildlife official said that action is likely to

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