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Celadon City (Joshua Boydston)

The Safari Collective guides local DIY movement

The Safari Collective guides local DIY movement

For the longest time, DIY artists didn’t feel like there was anyone there to share with. No one who listened. No one who cared. No one who knew that they even existed.

Sun rises

Ska music might have fallen out of the public eye since its mid-’90s heyday when The Mighty Mighty Bosstones briefly flirted with mainstream success and No Doubt’s ska-adjacent songs dominated radio, but Oklahoma City outfit Sunny Side Up is working to make sure the last horn hasn’t sounded. While the sextet started out simply trying

Cosmostanza — Champs

The gruesome twosome of guitarist Maxwell Moore and drummer Raney Aboud shows what it’s learned on the heels of August’s awesome Rad Vibes, yet knows to keep the things that made Cosmostanza so intriguing in the first place: sugary hooks, youthful energy. Champs is grown-up a bit, yes, more grounded and — dare I say

Music explosion

Most bands never get the chance to meet their musical heroes. The dudes of Diarrhea Planet get to hang out with theirs on a near-daily basis. “Right when I started school in Nashville, I went out to a club and watched Jeff the Brotherhood play. It blew my mind,” guitarist Emmett Miller said. “I wanted

Dear Dad

Garage-pop duo Dadrock had a bloody good time during its debut Opolis performance roughly a year ago. “I was horribly sick that day and took too much Mucinex, which gave me a massive nosebleed right as we were doing soundcheck,” singer/ guitarist Kevin Lough said. “I was in the bathroom nearly passing out while [drummer

Ghost of a chance

Photo: Krista Spears Most parents aren’t thrilled about their kids playing in punk bands. The mother of Corporate Ghost drummer Max Harris, however, has fostered the entire underground scene by giving fledgling punk and garage rock bands a place to call home while honing their skill. “It’s provided a place for the punk and underground

Cheap shoots

The notion of genre has become increasingly muddled with each passing decade. As technology progresses, so, too, do the means by which that music is produced. New sounds are born from new methods and ideas, and the traditional framework of a once-pure building block evolves into something completely its own. This is especially true of

Cosmo recipe

Singer/guitarist Maxwell Moore and drummer Raney Aboud were having some difficulty figuring out a name for their fledgling garage-rock duo when genius finally struck. “We both love the show Seinfeld, so I had the idea of George Costanza’s face floating in space, and then it came to me,” Moore said of the decision to call

Cosmostanza — Rad Vibes

Other music is just a hell of a lot of fun. Oklahoma City garage-rock duo Cosmostanza falls into the latter category with its debut EP, Rad Vibes, which is as gnarly as the title would suggest. The record is charmingly lo-fi and jam-packed with just as much promise as young, nervy energy. Rad Vibes finds

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