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A boy stands with magic wand in the library by the bookshelves with many old books. Fairy tales. Vintage style.

Pottermania comes alive at Aug. 21 celebration in OKC

“We’re working on our butterbeer recipe, and since our shop used to be a house with a backyard, we’re working on hosting some Quidditch there.”


Look, at least it’s not the new Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, but that’s another review. There’s not much to Mimesis beyond the one-line summary above. Various attendees at a horror convention are invited to an exclusive, super-secret party that turns out to be the “game” — one in which they are stuck

All Superheroes Must Die

The low-budget effort’s premise takes a page from Saw: Tired of “asshole goody-two-shoes getting in the way,” the career criminal who calls himself Rickshaw (James Remar, TV’s Dexter) wants his archenemies — this story’s superheroes — to play a game. He has kidnapped 100 innocent civilians, rigged them to explosive devices and scattered them across

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