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Cover Teaser: Find the perfect brunch for any occasion with Oklahoma Gazette’s guide

Cover Teaser: Find the perfect brunch for any occasion with Oklahoma Gazette’s guide

Find the perfect brunch for any occasion with Oklahoma Gazette‘s guide. P.19 Back by reader demand, Oklahoma Gazette’s brunch guide helps you find the perfect late-morning cocktail toast and meal. By Greg Elwell. Photos by Garett Fisbeck.

(Cover design by Christopher Street)

Cover Story: Henri Matisse exhibit gets OKCMOA, North American debut

“What we always do really well with our exhibitions — and we’ve already gotten feedback that this is the case again with Matisse — is that our exhibitions always look really good,” Whittington said.

Waste not

“We just didn’t have any recycling options out at the festival,” said Angela Cozby, the festival’s director. For the past six years, festival officials have worked to create a completely trash-free event. This year, that goal will be reached. “The carbon footprint at [the Festival of the Arts] is pretty large and negative, so we

Web and flow

Photo: Mark Hancock There’s a lyric from Josh Sallee’s new album, Know Society, in which the 26-year-old Oklahoma City rapper confronts this very issue: “Who is he?/ Is he who he sees?/ Is he everything that he ever liked or seen?/ Is the game of fame influencing?”  The song — “TLD – Technologicallogicaldreams” — serves

Heart-shaped rock

Chris Harris has listened to a lot of albums in the past 20 years, but Nirvana’s grunge-rock masterpiece In Utero is one the local musician (Depth & Current) and producer (Hook Echo Sound in Norman) hasn’t been able to shake. When he and friend Mickey Reese (El Paso Hot Button) first discussed collaborating on a

Progress in Color — Get Well

The trio has gone from emo poppers with New Wave underpinnings to the inverse, and it suits the band well, as evidenced by the slick Get Well EP. The cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” the quintessential post-punk ballad, is a good clue as to the direction in which Progress in Color

Various artists — Never Give Up: Celebrating 10 Years of The Postal Service

With the 10th anniversary of Give Up — being celebrated with a re-release, festival headlining gigs and the first tour in nearly a decade, The Postal Service is right back at the forefront of indie music, so there’s no better time to pay tribute. Music blog Independent Clauses wrangled 22 different artists wanting to do

‘Circus’ folk

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Loebe rarely feels right at home on the road as she does when she plays The Blue Door, as she will Thursday. The Atlanta native cut her teeth in Georgia’s famed Eddie’s Attic, the club that helped foster the careers of Indigo Girls, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and The Civil Wars, among others. John

The Flaming Lips — Playing Hide and Seek with the Ghosts of Dawn

Highly listenable, it’s an interesting take on prog-rock classics like “21st Century Schizoid Man,” adding the Lips’ patented fuzzy squawks and reverbed squeaks to songs only the geekiest of us know by heart. That said, Ghosts is also a maddeningly frustrating disc for fans desperately wanting a return to the brilliant, pop-psych form of The

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