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A new exhibit at UCO’s Melton Gallery takes viewers behind the scenes of the gay rodeo

A new exhibit at UCO’s Melton Gallery takes viewers behind the scenes of the gay rodeo

Blake Little: Photographs from the Gay Rodeo runs through June 20 in Edmond.


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum introduces three new exhibits

New museum displays explore everything from dime novel art to the classic cowboy bandanna.

Mode in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, July 20, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

OKG Shop: back to school/tax-free weekend

Going back to school means buying new clothes, backpacks, tote bags, accessories and formal wear.

Clothes or drones?

This is the dilemma Daniel Webster Keogh and his wife, Danielle, allegedly faced. Keogh, the former president of Triton Scientific, a research company contracted by OSU-Multispectral himself Jay Moore is responsible for the Labratories (UML), is facing a potential FBI investigation and a multi-milliondollar lawsuit filed by Oklahoma State University after funds were diverted from

My Name Is Nobody

A half-decade later, Fonda re-teamed with Leone, who this time served as producer for My Name Is Nobody. Although a far less serious film, it’s arguably more entertaining — a pure delight. See if you don’t agree, now that the 1973 film gallops out of the sunrise and onto Blu-ray.  Fonda’s Jack Beauregard is an

Doubting Pokes

T. Boone Pickens  OSU uber-booster T. Boone Pickens, who was not implicated, said he was “disappointed” in the magazine’s reporting, which details allegations of players and recruits receiving improper payments, academic misconduct, drug abuse and inappropriate sexual conduct between football recruits and members of OSU’s hostess program, Orange Pride. “Many of the sensational allegations go

Bad officiating means never having to say you’re sorry

Credit: Brad Gregg When OSU linebacker Alex Elkins knocked the ball from Texas running back Joe Bergeron’s hands prior to Bergeron crossing the goal line, it looked as if the Cowboys had narrowly preserved a victory. Officials, however, signaled a touchdown. Replay failed to provide sufficient evidence to overturn the call. Things got weirder on

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