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Creative Oklahoma focuses on fostering Oklahoma’s creative community

Creative Oklahoma focuses on fostering Oklahoma’s creative community

Creative Oklahoma fosters innovative thinking and honors Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors at its annual gala.


Singer-songwriter Brianna Gaither uses Resonate Campaign to launch a comprehensive album and documentary project

Gaither’s project is dedicated to the ideas of community-building and the theology of creativity.

Getting creative

A 10-month survey that included 324 people across varied demographics illustrates the problem with attracting new participants to the arts, said Sharon Astrin, community arts program director for Arts Council. The programs are available and the desire of citizens is there, but bringing the groups together has been a challenge. “There are big parts of

Live from Tokyo

The live scene is healthy, although with so many bands, there aren’t enough rewards to go ’round. As with here, the Internet has taken a huge bite out of CDs, but low album sales doesn’t mean a lot of people aren’t listening. They are. And thanks to the Internet, followings can be built overseas without

Hot shots

Reminiscent of jazz, it’s full of improvisation, offering a variety of tastes and styles with influences pulled from just about every bottle behind the bar. While lacking the depth of a good glass of wine or the exquisite burn of an oak-soaked bourbon, quite a bit of creativity goes into the blending — and naming

‘Bi’ the way

2010 Creativity World Biennale 11 a.M. aND 3 p.M. fRiDaY-SatURDaY thROUGh JaN. 8 [aRtSpaCE] at UNtitlED 1 N.E. thiRD http://WWW.aRtSpaCEatUNtitlED.ORG 815-9995 fREE City leaders rolled out the red carpet for innovators worldwide as hosts of November’s Creativity World Forum, which garnered more attention in the business, education and cultural sectors than it did in the

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