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Fo’ rich o’ fo’ po’ boy

It got them thinking. “We talked about doing a po’ boy truck for a while,” said Bryan Neel, co-owner of S&B’s. “The truck ended up being an S&B’s truck, but we kept playing with the idea.” That tinkering eventually evolved into Hillbilly Po’ boys and Oysters, 1 N.W. Ninth, one of the metro’s newest restaurants.

Turnpike Troubadours — Goodbye Normal Street

The 11 tracks traverse complex and emotionally rich terrain — Robert Earl Keen would approve — and so vividly that you can almost smell, as the first song coins it, “cheap perfume and gin and smoke and lies.” A definite honky-tonk sensibility is at work here, from Kyle Nix’s raggedly effective fiddle work to Evan

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