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From left, Dr. Mickey Hepner, UCO, State Auditor Gary Jones, State Representitive Scott Inman, and State Senator Clark Jolley, talk in front of the stage before the start of the Annual State Budget Summit held at the Will Rogers Center, 1-28-16.  (Mark Hancock)

Lawmakers continue work to lessen Oklahoma budget woes

Oklahoma lawmakers try to find solutions to fix the state budget crisis.

The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools Pledge Card, in the entrace to their offices in Downtown Oklahoma City, 1-22-16.  (Mark Hancock)

Oklahoma educators create hashtag to raise funds

#GiveItBackOK drives to relieve educators feeling the effects of the state budget crisis.

Health insurance? Fooey!

First, the Republican governor delayed implementing aspects of the ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare, in hopes that it would be rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court. When that plan failed, she and others counted on the election of a Republican president to push its repeal. That plan didn’t work out so well, either. Finally, it’s

A taxing question

Fred Mogran Credit: Shannon Cornman A coalition of business groups headed by the State Chamber of Oklahoma support passage of SQ 766, which is on ballot Tuesday, asserting that its failure could spur a vast expansion of state taxes on items as varied as retirement benefits, professional licenses, hunting leases, and even copyrighted song lyrics

Wait for it

Matt Robison Credit: Mark Hancock Ironically, the need for state development and control was Oklahoma’s rationale for turning down a $54 million Early Innovator Grant in 2011 — the highest federal grant awarded to only seven states viewed as “leading the way on building a better health insurance marketplace.” Yet action on a state-created exchange

Point: Slow down on ODOT funding

One of the few exceptions to the hard times is the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Following a long stretch in which state investment in roads and bridges remained virtually flat, the Legislature in 2005 created the ROADS (Rebuilding Oklahoma Access and Driver Safety) fund. Revenues for this fund come directly from personal income tax collections,

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