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Walk this way

“Along with the trail system, [sidewalks] probably touch more neighborhoods and more parts of the city than any other MAPS 3 project,” Cornett said at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday to mark the completion of phase 1 of the sidewalk project. “If you look at these sidewalks, I think they exceed expectations, which is continuing the

Death becomes him

Carpenter Square Theatre continues its 30th anniversary season with a production of Is He Dead?, a fast-paced comedy penned by American humorist Mark Twain and adapted for modern audiences by David Ives. Set in 1846 France, Is He Dead? tells the story of gifted but still-starving artist Jean-Francois Millet, who is in debt to nefarious art

A Single Shot

Shot‘s sights are set on John (Sam Rockwell), a dirt-poor hunter who mistakes a young woman for a deer — not necessarily a negative except that a trigger was involved and John’s aim is true. When he tends to her dead body, he finds a lot of cash next to her and assumes it won’t be missed.


For its second original musical theater production, Herbert W. Armstrong College presents David — The Endless Throne Begins, the captivating story of King David written by Ryan Malone. The production combines contemporary choreography with elaborate costumes and sets to bring one of the history’s largest biographies to life. See David 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Saturday

American Hustle

Masking baldness is a small ruse, to be sure, but it’s par for the course in David O. Russell’s (Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook) loping, loopy and very funny caper set in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The story is loosely based on Abscam, a 1980 FBI sting operation that netted bribery convictions of

The gents of politics

The December magazine lists “Conservatives We Love,” and two of the five are U.S. Sen Tom Cole, Oklahoma deputy majority whip, and T.W. Shannon, Oklahoma Speaker of the House. Of Cole, the mag gushes, “Because he respects people regardless of their political ideologies.” Of Shannon, the magazine says, “Because he believes in investing in infrastructure.”

Kill Your Darlings

Yes, it’s another biopic about the aforementioned famed beat poet—in the past ten years, about five or six movies has been about or featured him as a character—but what makes Kill Your Darlings so different, and infinitely more watchable, is that it’s as big a mishmash of genres as Ginsberg’s words were on the page: we’ve

Clear History

Clear History sure is, if more amusing than actually funny. Its intermittent focus is by nature of a purposely skeletal script to allow a wide berth for Curb-style improv; the feature length just magnifies those inherent faults.  In 2003, marketing exec Nathan Flomm (David, sporting a downright biblical beard) gives up his 10-percent stake in

Still fighting

David Green The crafts retailer has until Oct. 21 to file a response to a 251-page appeal filed by U.S. Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli and other government attorneys who want the high court to hear more about why the chain should or should not include contraceptives in its required healthcare coverage to employees. Hobby

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