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State wind energy tax credit ends early

State wind energy tax credit ends early

Lawmakers believe eliminating the zero-emissions tax credit will save the state $500 million over the next 10 years.

Lots of class. Literally.

OU was recently awarded the Davis Cup in recognition of the honor. The Davis UWC program teams universities abroad with partner universities in the United States. Participating students are required to complete high school in a special program designed to get them up to speed for English-only instruction. OU President David Boren is, according to


This contraception, if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, will most likely prevent pregnancy but will not terminate an existing pregnancy. However, getting an appointment with a doctor for a prescription could cause unacceptable delays. Equally bad, a female age 17 and older must prove her age with identification that she may or may

The Best Films of 2013

10. Instructions Not Included Popular Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez made his directorial debut with this heartwarming — and heartbreaking — Spanish-language comedy that became one of the biggest cinematic successes of 2013. Derbez is the womanizing Valentín who, after a baby is abandoned on his doorstep, mostly reforms into a near-perfect dad. The setup is

Inside Llewyn Davis

There are several shots in Joel and Ethan Coen’s latest that (intentionally) offer a similar imagery, only with one very significant difference: Its protagonist, Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac, Drive), is a lone wolf in the truest sense — aloof, misunderstood and tragically unsuccessful in his personal and professional endeavors. Set in 1961, the film opens

Married with music

And it’s all done in a way that sounds devoid of polish or stuffy flamboyance. The project is the brainchild of Wil Norton and Danny Davis, two Oklahoma Christian University graduates who bonded over Super Smash Bros. and a common musical thread — though their histories wouldn’t suggest the latter. Norton, 26, cut his teeth

Glorious resurrection

But that was more than half a century ago, when the church was a key part of the Oklahoma City black community and the civil rights movement. There, King preached a sermon as an audition to be the church’s full-time pastor. Ironically, church leaders thought King was too young to lead a congregation of that


Now, cable’s done the same thing with the perfectly fine ’70s sci-fi thriller Coma, which was directed by Crichton. Both updates come from director Mikael Salomon. It’s nice to see the lovely and talented Lauren Ambrose (Sleepwalk with Me) headlining the project as an idealistic med student who uncovers a conspiracy involving a remarkable number

‘Strong’ songstress

The Alabama native won the contest with a large margin of the 500,000 votes cast online during a six-day period. While traveling back to Oklahoma from Alabama over Christmas break, she received the good news via phone, during a layover at DFW Airport. “I kind of had to hold in my excitement, because it was

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