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Fisher’s kings

“There are great stories behind each of those people,” said Fisher, the newest member of the Capitol Preservation Commission. “There’s just not enough interpretation. You see the piece there, but you don’t know why it’s there. Every piece there has a historical significance. It’s not just art for art’s sake.” Chief Justice Tom Colbert of

Never again

Photo by Mark Hancock She endured physical and mental abuse from the person who was supposed to love her — until the day her husband hit their children. That was when she left and found a way to change her future. “When they’re only 2 and 3, they can’t defend themselves. I felt bad because

Bright future

Photo by Mark Hancock “Today, we think of billboards as this rectangle thing on a pole,” said Kathy Anderson of the the Bethany Improvement Foundation. But in the heyday of Route 66, billboards were often lower to the ground, displayed hand-painted art or art deco design and sometimes even were three-dimensional structures with people inside

Silent no more

 It’s amazing that it was ever made in the first place. The film, rediscovered by the Oklahoma Historical Society, tells a four-way love story but also shows the lost way of life of its actors — about 300 Kiowas and Comanches. Those traditions were discouraged when the film was shot in July 1920 in the

Curandero: Dawn of the Demon

Certainly releasable, but only a goatee hair above watchable, the horror film is co-produced by Machete man Robert Rodriguez (no relation), who also wrote the original screenplay — “original” only in terms of it being rewritten, as there’s nothing new you haven’t seen 100 times before. To less adventurous viewers, I suppose the story’s being

The Flaming Lips — Playing Hide and Seek with the Ghosts of Dawn

Highly listenable, it’s an interesting take on prog-rock classics like “21st Century Schizoid Man,” adding the Lips’ patented fuzzy squawks and reverbed squeaks to songs only the geekiest of us know by heart. That said, Ghosts is also a maddeningly frustrating disc for fans desperately wanting a return to the brilliant, pop-psych form of The

The Definitive Document of the Dead

By the film’s own opening-crawl admission, Document is intended as a teaching tool, so its nature is purposely freeform — and how! Narrated by the late Susan Tyrell (until the new sections), the film captures Romero and friends at work on 1978’s Dawn of the Dead, the now-classic sequel to 1968’s classic Night of the

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