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Cover Story: Henri Matisse exhibit gets OKCMOA, North American debut

Cover Story: Henri Matisse exhibit gets OKCMOA, North American debut

“What we always do really well with our exhibitions — and we’ve already gotten feedback that this is the case again with Matisse — is that our exhibitions always look really good,” Whittington said.

EDM giant Moby gets happy with Wayne Coyne

While out club-hopping a few weeks ago, we followed a trail of glittery girls that led to Wayne Coyne. We weren’t surprised, but we were sure intrigued. A new song or creative project was the obvious guess. Last week, an announcement was made that Coyne has teamed up with electronic music mogul Moby for “The

Justin Adams — Justin Adams

The linebacker with all-American good looks flexes his muscle in ballads and anthems alike, demonstrating a solid versatility over the course of the EP’s five tracks. Opener “Can’t Forget About You” is built around a standard pop-country hook, anchored by a rock earnestness and Adams’ rich, powerful voice. “Miss Me Whiskey” is a more interesting

Aisha Eustache — Love & Addiction

Where are the chanteuses who once graced the charts, like Betty Wright, Roberta Flack or The Three Degrees? Where are the beautiful declarations of love and fidelity? The soul-stirring rock-bottoms of heartache and loneliness? A return to honest, resonant emotion? Those questions are answered with the five songs of Love & Addiction, the debut EP

Look who’s Tonking

Like a local Zelig, Friedman — whose father owned Horn Trader Music, where many local musicians got their start — was the mastermind behind Inner State Studio, which produced such acts as The Reverb Brothers, as well as being the brains behind the Acoustic Oklahoma online series. But at the height of his success, he

Western Residents — Sunlit Nights

Western Residents are an anomaly in that their first release, the earnestly delivered and judiciously crafted Sunlit Nights, sounds like the musical equivalent of a tattered wool blazer. They wear it well. The Oklahoma City outfit has existed in some form or fashion for more than a decade, undergoing a bevy of name changes and

Heating up

Denver garage rockers Sauna dreamed that meeting one of its musical heroes would lead to a record deal. And it kind of did, if not in the way the four members had expected. “We were 16, just a few months after the band formed,” said guitarist CJ Macleod. “We saw Hunx and His Punx were

Kali Ra — Electric Living

“Black Leather Demon” is a cranium-pounding opening that recalls a time when Marilyn Manson wasn’t a bloated joke, but the album really kicks things into gear with the second cut, the title track, a song so sweeping and beautiful that it would be on my playlist for traversing a futuristic wasteland of death and darkness,

Them Hounds — Them Hounds

Given the parameters of what actually constitutes the blues, it’s easy to see why: There just aren’t that many variations of the genre’s 12-bar framework that retain that “bluesy feel.” Instead, its divergences usually come in the form of vocal variance and guitar solos, and Them Hounds thrive within these confines. Two things immediately jump

Sweet slumber

Adam Miller, the brains behind the Oklahoma City-based project This Is Sleep, doesn’t just embrace the oncedormant science of computer-based production; he revels in it. “There is a magic, no doubt, that comes with bands,” Miller said. “But as technology rises, the evolution of music and new kinds of music go along with that, it’s

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