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The University of Central Oklahoma’s Department of Design will present Defeaters of Dull: The Design Senior Show for one night only. The exhibit will survey the best works of 43 graduating graphic and interior design majors. Works from the graphic design majors will include packaging and poster designs, and the interior design majors will present

Train earlier, work smarter

And what better ways to fix the problem than starting in public schools? CareerTech and the Department of Career and Technology Education are asking for $35 million more funding. Nearly all of that would head directly into schools for “performance-based” funding. “A job for every Oklahoman and a workforce for every company,” NewsOK reported Sommers

New canvas

Art, along with its creation, is a powerful tool that serves as a conduit for human expression. It evolves, and through that evolution, it can be utilized as a means of communication and healing. This September marks the 24th year of National Recovery Month, and in a collaborative effort, the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health

Enforcing the law

Credit: Brad Gregg Federal officials on March 15 put state Insurance Commissioner John Doak on notice that a second level of health insurance regulation, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, will ensure enforcement of the ACA in Oklahoma. The move comes after Doak informed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that

Banned in the USA

O. Louis Guglielmi’s Subway Exit (1946) When the topic of artistic censorship is raised, odds are that works cited include Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ or just about anything by Robert Mapplethorpe. The United States government, however, in that golden era of anti-Commie paranoia, arguably did the best job of it by the disbanding and dismantling

Top cop

Credit: Brad Gregg That buildup, first reported by the eCapitol online service, has some legislators questioning whether Doak has been watching too many gangster flicks. “Is Al Capone back in town?” state Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City, told the Tulsa World. “Are we looking for stills in the woods? Come on, it’s a joke.” A

Degrading the grade

Most districts have opted not to release the grades until the State Board of Education certifies them at its Oct. 25 meeting. Board members voted last week to halt its issuance so agency officials could review the evaluation system, which many district superintendents claim is flawed. The one exception in the metro, Putnam City Schools,

Questionable commemoration

The state Department of Transportation developed a series of 25 postcards featuring photos of important events or projects the department has been involved in, such as a barge navigating the Arkansas River; the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Turner Turnpike; Wiley Post standing in front of his airplane; and the Interstate 40 bridge collapse near Webbers

Midtown mayhem

Planners of the H&8th nighttime food vendor event, held in the parking lot of Elemental Coffee, 815 N. Hudson, had been organizing the event since July, said co-organizer J.D. Merryweather (pictured). Food trucks and a large crowd were present for the event. However, shortly after it started at 8 p.m., several ABLE Commission agents, city

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