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City and community leaders break ground to signify the beginning of construction of the MAPS 3 modern streetcar in Bricktown. | Photo Laura Eastes

Transit options ride on MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar project as crews begin installing tracks

“Connection is the key,” Ward 7 Councilman John Pettis Jr. said.

Motor skills

Have You Tried Walking A Stillwater-based sculptor will detail the ever-changing relationship among humans, industry and environment through 10 pieces in an exhibition opening Friday at Mainsite Contemporary Art in downtown Norman. Matthew Boonstra, an artist and visiting sculpture professor at Oklahoma State University, put together Interruptions by selecting sculpture, installation and projection pieces that


Detroit is burning, and the city’s fire commissioner has decided to let it burn. Thanks to a withering automotive industry and violent racial tensions that have rocked the city, Detroit’s population has diminished by half, resulting in 80,000 abandoned buildings. So many fires ravage these vacant structures that some officials have decided that if a

Mary in the Motor City

With that in mind, state Gov. Mary Fallin, along with her Energy Secretary Michael Ming and Commerce Secretary Dave Lopez, are visiting Detroit today to pitch a multi-state, bipartisan compressed natural gas vehicle initiative to U.S. automakers. Fallin was among a dozen governors who wrote automakers in April expressing their commitment to explore ways to

Irish springs

When you’re a rock band with an Irish lead singer and a knack for blending punk with Celtic music, you’re in big demand for St. Patrick’s Day. That’s certainly the experience of Flogging Molly, a group renowned for getting its Irish up during spirited live shows. But the group can’t be everywhere on St. Paddy’s.

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