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Oklahomas Kids Belong president Scott Werner provided

Local nonprofit works to place foster children with permanent families

Local nonprofit works to place foster children with permanent families

Oklahoma’s Kids Belong helps foster children tell their stories in their own words and connects them with forever families.

Community demands governor action over boy’s death

The teenager, born with Chromosome 9 Ring disease, was unable to care for himself and required help with tasks as easy as lifting a fork to his mouth. He died Jan. 4, 2013, at Children’s Hospital from pneumonia complications, according to the state medical examiner. But the youngster’s sister, Valerie Wood-Harber, contends he died from

Taking tests to task

Just like workplace drug testing, if it really affects work performance, do you really need a drug test? Won’t you see its effect? Those who do cocaine, meth, etc. and time it right, you’ll never catch those people — do it Friday and Saturday, and it’s out of your system by Monday. And a $20

DHS needs meaningful oversight

SQ 765 is aimed at bringing long-overdue reforms at the Department of Human Services, which impacts more lives than almost any other agency. In the last decade, news headlines have exposed case after case of tragedy and failure by DHS. It’s clear that change is needed. Every department, program, and employee needs to be scrutinized

Changes at DHS threaten progress

This legislative session the bulk of our work focused on child welfare reform: demanding change at the state Department of Human Services to better protect Oklahoma children in foster care and creating better opportunities for children of incarcerated parents. We demanded pay increases for foster care families, lower case loads for child welfare workers doing

A plan to fix DHS

Public outcry over a series of tragic deaths of children in state custody had reached a fever pitch. Rather than run away from the problem, we opted to confront it and fix it. The speaker tasked us with digging deep into what was ailing the troubled agency, in order to make recommendations about how to

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