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Gazette Poll: Big win, again

Two polls conducted prior to the election by Oklahoma Gazette and News 9 adjusted for the demographics of traditional voters in Oklahoma City elections and predicted that Cornett would carry 63 percent of the March 4 vote. Cornett earned 31,514 votes and 66 percent of the total. Shadid’s campaign, dramatically out-financed by Cornett’s campaign and

Popularity contest

Although voters won’t head to the polls for another four months (the primary is March 4), mayoral candidate and Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid received unanimous backing from the OKC police and fire unions. None of Oklahoma City’s neighborhood associations have publicly endorsed Mayor Mick Cornett in his re-election bid. However, more than 700 Oklahoma

Gettin’ Dirty

Formed in the Texas border town of El Paso, The Dirty River Boys are an anomaly. Going against a rising tide of heavy metal acts, singer and guitarist Marco Gutierrez said the band didn’t find its home until it relocated to Austin. While he believes it was a “change that needed to happen,” the band

Women Who Kill

As anyone who’s seen the last couple of Comedy Central roasts knows, Schumer is a fearless comedian, and no topic is too potentially offensive for her to tackle without apology. Here, that includes Jewish concentration camps, choking your grandmother, peeing in the ocean, giving your boyfriend HPV, volunteering for the Special Olympics, and on and


Dirty Dozen Brass Band Celebrating its 30th birthday this year, Norman’s annual Jazz in June concert series showcases some of the best jazz and blues musicians in the country. The free event runs Thursday through Saturday. This year’s lineup includes: • bluesman Duke Robillard; • the Herb Alpert tribute band, A Taste of Herb; •

Dirty Red & the Soulshakers — Soul Shakin’

Opening with the innuendo-laden “Cornbread,” which makes you want to sop up all forms of sexual beans and greens, lead singer Eric “Dirty Red” McDaniel’s powerfully soul-drenched vocals and funky harmonica immediately let you know you’re in for a long, sweaty night. The pure, rolling thunder of “Shotgun,” with its impressionable refrain of “My shotgun

Blues brothers

One would think that Eric McDaniel, leader of Dirty Red & the Soulshakers, would be content with promoting the local blues band’s debut album around town. Instead, he’s also put together a supergroup of fellow Okie blues talents — including members of Miss Blues and Watermelon Slim & the Workers — to back blues progeny

‘Dirty’ job

The film takes place in 1987, when sassy Norman High School student Danielle (Juno Temple, soon to be seen in the next Batman movie) runs away with her fat-and-gay best friend and a sack of flour they’ve named Joan. Along the way, she crows things in her best Okie accent like “What are your thoughts

Airing ‘Laundry’

Submissions poured in from across the country and from Canada for a chance at being fully produced and staged from March 25 to April 3 at Civic Center Music Hall, but the winning playwright just so happened to live in OCTC’s backyard. Edmond’s Ranell Collins won for her script, “Dirty Laundry,” a study of a

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