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Walk this way

“Along with the trail system, [sidewalks] probably touch more neighborhoods and more parts of the city than any other MAPS 3 project,” Cornett said at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday to mark the completion of phase 1 of the sidewalk project. “If you look at these sidewalks, I think they exceed expectations, which is continuing the

Growing pains

Some neighbors are also pushing back on two new restaurants planned for 23rd Street that they say could cause traffic issues on the residential streets close to the growing commercial district north of downtown. “We are all for responsible development, but we cannot live somewhere that [has] constant late-night noise and can’t take the loss


LIFE FOOD & DRINK District 21, the restaurant at The Francis Tuttle School of Culinary Arts, will bring culinary students and foodies alike a treat this month. As part of its 2014 Guest Chef Dinner Series, chef Kurt Fleischfresser will offer a glimpse into the foods and ingredients that influence his favorite menus. Alongside Fleischfresser,


District 21 opens its doors one night a month through May to allow its students to get hands-on experience with some of the most inspired culinary minds in the city. Attendees work directly with chef Russ Johnson and learn about the ingredients and flavors that inspire him and how he runs his kitchen at Ludivine,

Debating diversity and ward expansion

White, the longest-tenured council member, said he believes the council membership should reflect the city’s population. However, the way ward boundaries are drawn puts minorities at a disadvantage, he said. Three proposals were discussed during a special council meeting Tuesday that included adding two wards, four wards or redrawing boundaries for the current eight wards.

Elegant education

Photo: Shannon Cornman With the ultra-sophisticated District 21 restaurant, supported by nine state-of-the-art, on-site teaching kitchens, this school is on the sharpest edge of culinary arts in Oklahoma. Each teaching kitchen offers individual student workstations (about 16 students and one instructor per kitchen). This is sheer heaven for any culinary arts student. The teaching kitchens

Monochromatic masterpieces

As the temperature has dropped and the sky has turned gray above a white, snow-covered ground, wintertime is the perfect time to view a collection like Black and White, according to Janice Mathews-Gordon and Diana Smith, co-curators of In Your Eye Studio and Gallery’s latest exhibition. “We’re in shades of gray. It just seems to

Fair trade

White, as the Ward 4 representative, believes extra wards will help the city’s elected officials work more efficiently with their constituents, create smaller geographical areas and bring about a higher level of ethnic and racial diversity. According to White, there are about 72,000 people in each of OKC’s wards. “I tried to make a run

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