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Dog’s life

OKC Theatre Company continues its season with the production of A.R. Gurney’s romantic comedy Sylvia. The play follows the story of a middle-aged, recently empty-nested couple whose already-strained marriage is put to the test when husband Greg takes in a stray dog. Yes, its name is Sylvia. The conceit of the play is that Sylvia,

Ruff stuff

Charley has been helping kids who struggle with their reading skills gain confidence by providing a willing, uncritical audience. Charley is a 7-year-old AKC Certified therapy dog who, along with her person, Jerry Nickell, visits The Village Library to participate in Children Reading to Dogs, a weekly program at several Metropolitan Library System branches. A

Faithful friends

It’s heartbreaking to look at their favorite sleeping spot and see it empty or to come home to a house where they’re no longer waiting to pounce as soon as the door opens. It’s a pain that Keri Kernke, manager of Smith & Kernke’s Ever Faithful Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, is all too familiar

Losing to win

But ultimately, none worked. “I didn’t lose any significant weight,” he said. Healthcare professionals regularly tout the same method for weight loss: balanced meals and exercise. But this advice is often ignored when fad diet advertising floods media, particularly in the new year. Oklahoma dietician Lacey Bixler considers these plans short-term solutions that typically fail

Angels unaware

According to its own numbers, the center works with approximately 1,200 central Oklahomans. Executive Director Connie McGoodwin said DRTC’s economic impact is profound, generating $5.5 million in wages for the state’s disabled community. In 1953, the center was founded as a school by parents inspired by Angel Unaware, a book by Dale Evans Rogers, the

OKG7 chilly dogs

Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs 1400 NW 23rd St.  mutts-hot-dogs.com  702-5000 Mutt’s makes hot dogs an art form with its homemade buns and all-beef kosher franks. The best-sellers are The Boardwalk, with mustard, chili, cheddar-jack cheese and onions. In a close second is the S’noran Dog wrapped in bacon and slathered with chipotle ketchup, pico de

Take shelter

It takes a private studio to keep up with Dr. Dog’s output, and heading into album eight, the Philadelphia folk outfit had officially outgrown its kennel and built a new one, basically from scratch. “We had been at our old place for seven or eight years, and it was getting kind of stale and kind

A Boy and His Dog

One would think that a film — boasting source material from a writer with an especially rabid following — that established the visual template for the now ubiquitous post-apocalyptic wasteland and stars Don Johnson would have caught on at some point over the past 38 years. Yet, not even when there was such a shortage

Crooks for life

With country currently among the most popular genres on the music charts, more bands have to find new ways to make themselves sound different from everything else on the radio. This is a credo that Josh Mazour, songwriter and lead singer of Crooks, has taken to heart, going as far as to create a new

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