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Edmond company takes its photography business to the skies

Edmond company takes its photography business to the skies

The key to success in such a rapidly growing industry, Alyssa said, “[is] to find your niche and go with it, because if you try to do everything, it’s too much.”

Clothes or drones?

This is the dilemma Daniel Webster Keogh and his wife, Danielle, allegedly faced. Keogh, the former president of Triton Scientific, a research company contracted by OSU-Multispectral himself Jay Moore is responsible for the Labratories (UML), is facing a potential FBI investigation and a multi-milliondollar lawsuit filed by Oklahoma State University after funds were diverted from

Plane gain

credit: Jamey Jacob To label them as merely weather drones is almost insulting. “The term ‘drone’ has specific connotations,” said Jamey Jacob, professor at OSU’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. “There is a lot of potential for developing unmanned aircraft that could have positive effects on a lot of industries.” Still, in the wake

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