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Booze clues

Sipping on low-point (3.2 percent) beers while strolling around the city is legit. But festivals have special permits, and you can’t bring your own beer within the zone in which these events are held, although some will offer drinks to buy. As usual, any place (including restaurants and indoor performance venues) selling beverages won’t let

Marvelous margaritas

There’s more than one margarita creation story, but the top three involve a socialite, a dancer, a singer and, of course, bartenders. One of the earliest stories is when Ziegfeld Follies dancer Marjorie King visited Rancho La Gloria Hotel in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, in 1938. She asked bartender Carlos “Danny” Herrera to create a drink

In the name of …

The National Restaurant Association estimates that a quarter of Americans eat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, making it the second largest dining-out holiday behind Mother’s Day. Restaurants will offer special menus and limited seating to handle the volume, but they will also offer special items that may not normally be available. Several local restaurants make

Go home, teacher; you’re drunk

Authorities took 30-yearold Chamberlain into custody after she appeared intoxicated and fell asleep at her desk. They claim her speech was slurred, she was a little wobbly and she smelled of Grandpa’s old cough medicine. Apparently, an empty whiskey bottle was also found in her purse. There are bigger issues at hand here: Doesn’t Chamberlain

Feathered Rabbit — Feathered Rabbit

After all, it wasn’t until August that the Oklahoma City act released even the subtlest sniff of recorded material: a three-song EP of quaintly crafted demos and early recordings titled Drunk Rabbit that, as anyone who’d seen the group in concert would attest, resembled the work of a band whose burgeoning brawn was begging to

Barry spritzer

Rock has The Beatles, jazz has Miles Davis, rap has Tupac, and adult contemporary has Barry Manilow. The man who became an icon for molding “Mandy,” “Copacabana (At the Copa)” and “Can’t Smile Without You” into chunks of pop-culture history is a natural showman with a gleaming voice, penchant for flashy stage attire and a

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