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Food Briefs: Mama Sinmi’s Chop House, farmers markets, The R&J Lounge and Supper Club and more

Food Briefs: Mama Sinmi’s Chop House, farmers markets, The R&J Lounge and Supper Club and more

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House closes, SNAP users benefit at farmers markets, The R&J Lounge and Supper Club hosts Independence Day festivities and The Red Cup Supper Club plans vegan dinner with peaches.

Look who’s Tonking

Like a local Zelig, Friedman — whose father owned Horn Trader Music, where many local musicians got their start — was the mastermind behind Inner State Studio, which produced such acts as The Reverb Brothers, as well as being the brains behind the Acoustic Oklahoma online series. But at the height of his success, he


Oklahoma City musical duo Adam and Kizzie Ledbetter’s story is like something out of a romance. Classmates at Classen School of Advanced Studies, they went their separate ways after graduation, until 2011, when fate drew them back together. “We were both going through some pretty heavy transitions in life, going through our depressions, so when

Vulgar incident

You’re doing something right when the powers that be shut your show down early. Denton, Texas’ experimental duo Vulgar Fashion endured this rite of passage on May 30, when the owners of a posh Dallas nightclub called The Dram instructed the two to call it quits a mere 20 minutes into their set. The band

Eureeka — Polysynthetic Fields

The record opens, appropriately, with what sounds like a garbled FM transmitter over some pillowy synth pads, eventually yielding to a pulsating dance rhythm and a hypnotic bass fuzz. The duo dabbles in the nostalgia of ’90s electronica throughout the EP’s 28-plus minutes, but it maintains an experimental edge and just enough peculiarity to keep

Back to basics

Paring down to a duo, the Oklahoma City folk-rock duo O Fidelis loosens up. By zach hale O fidelis with chelsey cope 9 P.m. thursDay WOrmy DOG salOON 311 e. sheriDaN WOrmyDOG.cOm 601-6276 free If you look hard enough, there’s always a story to be found within Laney and Brian Gililland’s songs. The husbandwife duo

Tracks of my ears

Sleek and stylish electro duo The Deer Tracks is about as overtly Swedish as a certain chef from The Muppets, which means the blood coursing through the two members’ veins all but guarantees they construct ridiculously infectious pop music far more sturdy than an IKEA shelving unit. In fact, they do. The two — singer/chanteuse

White flight

Photo: Diane White You’d be hard-pressed to find a more tightly knit band than White Mystery. Like Jeff the Brotherhood, but with one less Y chromosome, the Chicago garage-rock duo proves that the siblings who play together, stay together. “A brother and a sister, you kind of have this nurturing relationship,” singer and guitarist Alex

Various artists — A Blackwatch Christmas Vol. II

A Blackwatch Christmas Vol. II sports some of the biggest local artists yet, with Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Graham Colton and more onboard. The former’s “Santa’s Magic Beard” is gentler than you might expect; well-crafted and tightly arranged, it has all the makings of a holiday classic. Colton’s “Holiday Season” is also a bit of

Horny time

Photo: Harry Fellows Robert Perlick-Molinari had no idea that a secondhand instrument would set his life on a new course. “My oldest brother played French horn. He had an extra laying around the house,” he said. “I wanted to play a different instrument, but Mom was like, ‘Looks like you are learning the French horn.’

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