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Little Italy

A touring art exhibition that condenses 500 years of Italian art through 40 paintings is open to visitors of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Museum curator Alison Amick has worked more than two years organizing Of Heaven and Earth, a collection of Italian paintings from the Glasgow Museum in Scotland. The show presents five


Clay Pope Credit: Mark Hancock Oklahoma bears the scars of the Dust Bowl paradoxically, celebrating the courage and perseverance of those who lived through it and simultaneously obsessing about whether lingering impressions from John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath sully the state’s image. But we’re all clear on one thing: The Dust Bowl remains in

‘Mistaken environmentalists’

He belittles religion for explaining climatology, yet endorses the greenieweenie acceptance of pseudo-science to state that climate change is largely due to man. Since the earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 95 percent water vapor, it stands to reason that the moist air will retain much of the heat generated by our sun. Carbon dioxide comprises

‘Laugh and cry’

The young-Earth creation argument is laughable. I could go on about the evidence suggesting the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, but evidence doesn’t matter against the weight of a story written down by a tribal Middle Eastern society about 7,000 years ago (5,000 BCE). The young-Earth idea is only a symptom of a

‘A precious garden of dumb’

I have a term I apply to this kind of ostrich-like worldview: cultivated ignorance: stupidity planted, nurtured and fed as if it were a precious garden of dumb. —Howard Koerth Oklahoma City Oklahoma Gazette provides an open forum for the discussion of all points of view in its Letters to the Editor section. The Gazette

Feelin’ flexy?

The Earth Cafe and Deli 750 asp, Norman 573-5933 Going meatless is made easy at this Campus Corner spot, where a diverse menu caters to vegetarians and vegans (without forgetting the ominvores out there). The Earth boasts a menu that spells out the organic, fair trade and vegan finds, like pastries made with unrefined sugars

Creation conversation

The discovery that earth was not the center of the universe caused a similar stew 500 years ago. Being the third planet from the sun is not the scriptural description, but that’s the way it is. Young children accept that earth orbits the sun. Religion tells us how to live. Science describes the universe. Let’s

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