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In the name of …

The National Restaurant Association estimates that a quarter of Americans eat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, making it the second largest dining-out holiday behind Mother’s Day. Restaurants will offer special menus and limited seating to handle the volume, but they will also offer special items that may not normally be available. Several local restaurants make

Wholly molé

In Mexican Spanish, the term molé is derived from a Nahuatl word (an Uto-Aztecan language), molli, meaning “a sauce or mixture.” The word was used by the pre-Columbian indigenous peoples of Mexico to describe the sauces they made by pounding spices, dried chiles, seeds and nuts in oversized mortar bowls. Subsequently, the Spaniards brought to

No gyros allowed

Sorry, you delicious melange of beef and lamb, shaved thin and crisped on a spit. Some days, I want to expand my options. I’m obsessed with doing so at Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe & Market, 3131 W. Memorial Road. Nunu’s is the rare Mediterranean spot in Oklahoma City that does not serve a gyro. But if

Oklahoma Food Co-op meet-and-greet set

Oklahoma Food Co-op Meet-Greet-Eat10 a.m., Feb. 1Old Farmers Market Building311 S. Klein Ave.200-8155oklahomafood.coop The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is holing a meet-eat-and-greet 10 a.m. Feb. 1. The co-op is a member-owned business that serves to connect everyday consumers with more than 100 local producers. Non-members and the public are welcome and can learn more about how

Let them eat king cake

Parishioner Jenifer Cameron, a New Orleans native, started baking king cakes at the church three years ago as a form of rehabilitation therapy after having seizures in 2009 and subsequent brain surgery, Rev. Jeannie Himes said. The seizures caused Cameron to lose some of her long- and short-term memory, but her intact baking skills are