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Omelet with bacon, avocado, jalapeno and cheddar covered in chili, at Sunnyside Diner, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Sunnyside Diner improves decades-old concept

Sunnyside Diner improves decades-old concept

Attention to detail makes all the difference in the dishes at Sunnyside Diner.

(Design: Christopher Street / Photo: bigstock.com)

Cover Story: The brunch bible: Your guide to metro brunch

Our ancestors figured out a simple equation: breakfast + lunch + a little booze = brunch.

Gimme a break

The Oklahoma City area is home to a rich variety of ethnicities and cuisines, as well as a fair number of international grocery stores. Try some of these international breakfasts at home; incorporate them into your regular weekly menus; and escape the monotony of eggs, sausage and toast! Bon appétit, n ngon mi ng, guten

Kitchen creations

Hype is impressive. It gets people excited. For new restaurants, hype can be a godsend. They get customers. They get word-of-mouth advertising. They get known. But a godsend turns into a god-helpyou when the restaurant doesn’t live up to that hype. The word-of-mouth is a curse word. The customers go someplace else. So what is

Beauty Day

It debuts on demand Feb. 12 from FilmBuff. As Beauty Day informs us, Zavadil was a man before his time as cable-TV personality Cap’n Video, a David Lee Roth-looking, Jackass-style camcorder prankster who was doing his thing in the mid-1990s, before Johnny Knoxville and the gang even dreamt of getting paid to puke. Director Jay

Protesters vs. ‘Personhood’

Dubbed the Oklahomans Against the Personhood Act Rally, the protest on the north side of the Capitol featured remarks from state Sen. Constance Johnson (pictured), D-Holdenville, who told the crowd she had a message for her Senate colleagues who passed the legislation earlier this month. “Women brought you into this world, and women will vote

Born of Earth

This means he has to:• Spout supposedly dramatic and/or serious lines like “Eggs? They weren’t eggs, you son of a bitch. They were my family!”• Convince his estranged sister-in-law (Jennifer Kincer, “Trust”) to let him take her and her punky, rebellious daughter (Shannon Zeller, “Seraphim Falls”) to the county fair. • Eventually fight the flesh-eating

Fancy feast

What works: The blackened salmon eggs Benedict was sumptuous, eggy goodness. What doesn’t: Usually, service is fine, but we counsel patience, as the staff is small. The tip: Fancy That is known for its lunches, but don’t skip the brunch and dinner, too. One recent Saturday morning, I was supposed to meet a journalist friend

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