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Chicken-Fried News: Email lies

Chicken-Fried News: Email lies

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has joined the ranks of government officials who have been accused of using private email servers for government business.

Chesapeake admits it has ‘too many people’

“We have way too many members of management, we have too many layers of management and too narrow spans of control,” Dunham told The Daily Oklahoman. An internal review is expected finished by Nov. 1. However, rumors have been circulating for weeks. The Lost Ogle website published a leaked internal Chesapeake email on Sept. 17

Unlikely allies

Al Gerhart Credit: Mark Hancock “For us, it’s the concern we have any time we see a prosecutorial process or law enforcement being used to potentially chill speech that is, in our mind, protected political speech,” said Brady Henderson, legal director of ACLU of Oklahoma. “It may not be pleasant speech, it may not be

Boldly going …

A dedicated band of die-hard Star Trek fans has crafted an exact replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (from the original TV series, in case you were wondering) for a work-in-progress web series inspired by the sci-fi classic. The impressive circular set is resplendent with its blinking read-outs; its dazzling array of switches,

Card sharks

Credit: Brad Gregg In other words, no namby-pamby e-cards. Although we understand that those, too, can get you crazy laid. True! According to a survey by SOASTA — a cloud and mobile testing firm not to be confused with Shasta, which makes an awesome grapefruit soda — more than one-third of Americans will send an

CFN WTF Email of the Week

Credit: Brad Gregg “God has called me to rebuke KEVIN DURANT for endorsing the company honoring the PAGAN GODDESS NIKE! DURANT is paid 60 MILLION to insult God! What will happen to Durant when God’s blessings are taken away from him? What will happen to the Thunder?” —Charles Hubbard, Oklahoma City

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