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Chenoweth Thunders up

Even with the new award under her belt, she wastes no time in proclaiming her home state pride. The self-proclaimed die-hard basketball fan admitted recently that she carries an Oklahoma City Thunder baseball cap with her at all times in her hot pink handbag. Along with her home-state pride, the actress also carries everything from

‘The good crazy’

He wants it to be about Heartland Rabbit Rescue in Blanchard, about Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary, about Hands Helping Paws in Norman and about each and every animal rescue and rights organization in Oklahoma, the United States and beyond. “They’re my real heroes,” he said. What Ingersoll would really like this story to be about,

Beautiful Creatures

Set in a South Carolina small town where the drawls are Okie-thick, the film follows Lena (New Zealand newcomer Alice Englert) as she nears her all-important sweet 16th. Because she is a member of the Ravenwood family of witches and warlocks — they prefer the term “casters” — that birthday is when she finds out

‘Bad’ teacher

In the AMC cable series, which kicked off its fifth and final season Sunday, Bryan Cranston portrays Walter White, organic chemistry teacher by day, meth manufacturer by night. Since nearly the start, Breaking Bad staff writers call upon Nelson to ensure their series’ science is solid. “It was a little bit of a difficult decision

Police Woman: Season Two

For that success and a winning performance, she was rewarded with Emmy nominations for three of its four seasons, and a shiny Golden Globe. But let’s not raise the flag for feminism: As good as Dickinson was in it, the show was a hit because of her then-incredible hotness. After all, it was spun off

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