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(Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: SOLE PASSION: Gayle Curry steps into Science Museum Oklahoma’s latest exhibit

Cover Story: SOLE PASSION: Gayle Curry steps into Science Museum Oklahoma’s latest exhibit

“I let the painting lead me,” Curry said. “I used to always try to direct my paintings, but with the wax, I find it kind of has a life of its own.”


Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2017

Something’s rotten Last month, in the midst of all the events within our country and around the world, an event occurred that received little attention. During the March 22 terrorist attack in London, President Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a message to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. This tweet was sent as the terrorist attack unfolded,


Elvis Costello remembers country music legend Merle Haggard ahead of return to Oklahoma City

Costello lists Merle Haggard as an early influence in the world of country music. Costello has covered Haggard several times.

Back to the future

Fallin offends everyone,straight and gayOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin put the state in the national spotlight in 2013, but not in a positive way. Fallin, in her infinite wisdom, decided unilaterally that a federal mandate directing spousal benefits to same-sex couples in the military would not take place in Oklahoma. As a result, Fallin pulled spousal


Compelling explanations The Bank of England, arguing before the U.K.’s Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards in October, warned against limiting the bonuses that bankers have come to expect from their lucrative deals — because that might encroach on their “human rights.” The bank suggested it is a human rights violation even to ask senior executives

All Hallows’ Eve / Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear

Like many a great ‘ween tale, the dirt-cheap All Hallows’ Eve opens with a babysitter and her young charges, one of whom got a little something extra dropped into his sack of candy: an unlabeled VHS tape. Because the household still has a VHS player, the sitter (Katie Maguire) is able to view the cassette’s

Go Limp

“We wanted to make a band that was so over the top and ridiculous and over-confident that no one could possibly take us seriously. So we had to throw an ode to Limp Bizkit,” singer Taylor Young said. “There’s nothing more punk rock than misspelling a word like Bizkit or Wizurdz and talking about skinning

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