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The flu of Flu is suspected to be avian, yet advances far too rapidly, causing death within 36 hours of exposure … and that window grows ever shorter. It’s up to a rescuer (Jang Hyuk) and a disease specialist / potential love interest (Su Ae) he recently saved to find a vaccine — and stat,

Haunting words

Ghost-Writer is an old-fashioned play about creativity and romance with a paranormal twist. Set in New York in 1919, the story centers on a love triangle between a recently deceased author, Franklin Woolsey; his widow, Vivian; and Myra Babbage, the typist Woolsey dictated his novels to in life, who transcribes Woolsey’s words in death. The

Who will take reigns on popular Halloween parade?

Tuesday’s media statement, sent to media outlets, sponsors and fans, reads: Oklahoma Gazette has announced that it will no longer produce Gazette’s Halloween Parade. As part of the news organization’s strategic planning in advance of its 35th anniversary in 2014, it will focus on its core drive of news and information delivery, with a particular

’Live and well

It’s a common occurrence within urban sprawl: Historically thriving neighborhoods succumb to Father Time as new developments arise, businesses relocate and the activity of city-dwellers inevitably shifts from one area to another. Until recently, Oklahoma City’s Plaza District — the mile-long strip along 16th Street between Classen Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue — was merely another

Flying Fists of Kung Fu / Kickin’ It Shaolin Style

After about the third or fourth film I watched — either 5 Pattern Dragon Claws or 18 Fatal Strikes, I can’t be sure — I noticed how similar the movies were to another. I wasn’t exactly surprised, having digesting so many of these cheap chopsocky efforts over the years, but never in such close proximity. Basically, each

The Tower

Set on Christmas Eve (thereby also making it akin to Die Hard), the film takes place at Tower Sky, a twin-towered luxury apartment building of some 1,700 units and 108 floors. The towers connect via a shivers-inducing “sky bridge” with see-through floor. If that makes your stomach do flip-flops, perhaps it can be settled with

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Champion the Forgotten or Critically Savaged Movies They Love — Robert K. Elder

Luckily for Elder and his readers, there’s plenty more. A companion of sorts to Elder’s 2011 book The Film That Changed My Life, the Chicago Review Press paperback operates on several levels, from learning tool to reference guide to Netflix queue-filler. As with the earlier work, the author leans on 35 directors to build its

Anatomy / Anatomy 2

As Paula quickly discovers through her studies, there exists a crazy, frat-like organization on campus whose members like to perform autopsies. What’s so crazy about that? The surgeons of this secret society like to perform said autopsies on live humans. Naturally, that results in danger for her and creepy imagery for us. Slick, sick and

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