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Chicken-Fried News: He’s GOAT!

Chicken-Fried News: He’s GOAT!

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook tied a historic record in a recent game against the Phoenix Suns and made everyone feel a lot better about KD leaving.

Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures' "Concussion."

Concussion misses its mark

Though Concussion touches on a topic that still makes headlines, it leaves out important parts of the story to focus on its lead star.

Doubting Pokes

T. Boone Pickens  OSU uber-booster T. Boone Pickens, who was not implicated, said he was “disappointed” in the magazine’s reporting, which details allegations of players and recruits receiving improper payments, academic misconduct, drug abuse and inappropriate sexual conduct between football recruits and members of OSU’s hostess program, Orange Pride. “Many of the sensational allegations go

Serious play

The rules were simple: kick the ball and run fast. Games ended when the recess bell rang, and final scores were often debated with little, if any, resolution. Many of those same kids have grown up and are reliving their youth in Oklahoma City’s World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA). With competitive and social leagues, there’s


Credit: Brad Gregg Stoops and his pride made waves recently in an interview during a Sooner Caravan stop in Tulsa, when he admirably (if not futilely) defended his conference against the big, bad SEC — winner of seven consecutive BCS national championships. “So they’ve had the best team in college football,” he said. “They haven’t

Sooner scoop

Jake Trotter Credit: Mark Hancock Now, you can just hit “Refresh” on your browser. News these days includes far more than the paper, TV, radio and magazines. There are dedicated Internet sites, chat rooms and blogs making University of Oklahoma Sooners coverage a near-saturated market. And with the popularity of Oklahoma football, the industry of

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