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Holly Jones uses her UCO Jazz Lab debut to celebrate a new release

Holly Jones uses her UCO Jazz Lab debut to celebrate a new release

The Edmond-based composer recently returned from a trip to Europe recording with Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

Locked and loaded

UK rock band Young Guns didn’t have the biggest expectations for its first substantial trek across the pond. “We were kind of thinking, ‘We are first ones on, from England, and no one is going to give a shit,’” singer Gustav Woods said. “It’s been fantastic, though. We were hungry. It’s so great to come

Ten Thousand More Ways to Die: Spaghetti Western Collection

Specifically, Ten Thousand More Ways to Die, Mill Creek Entertainment’s follow-up to 2010’s Ten Thousand Ways to Die (naturally), counts Django, Kill! (If You Live Shoot!) among its dozen films. True, the quality of the print pales in comparison to Blue Underground’s recent Blu-ray reissue, but newcomers to the character — and there will be


After years of relentless touring and 13,000 records sold independently, self-made minstrels The Wishing Well show no signs of slowing. A festival fixture in Europe and its native Australia, the orchestral-rock act remains relatively unknown here, but the group hopes its maiden tour of the States will change that. Founding members, vocalist/guitarist Jai Larkin and

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