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(Cover illustration Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: HOT HEADS! Local tastebuds yearn for burn

There is such a thing as “too hot,” but that doesn’t stop metro residents from seeking out the city’s spiciest dishes. After showing off his fish tanks, greenhouses and the rows where vegetables will soon begin breaking through the ground, Russell Cox reopened his tiny general store near the gated entrance of Tilapia Garden Farms.


Law language of State Question 777 is major issue for opponents, as supporters preach its protections

“When I hear farms complaining about the bureaucracy and the agencies bothering them, they are talking about the federal government, not the state,” he said. “This will not protect from federal intervention.”

Wes Tibbs holds a goose at his farm in Oklahoma City, Friday, June 24, 2016.  "We got into it because it's a marketing angle for when we move beyond the hobby farm level.  I think they're a really good organization, in that, they provide people who are doing far bigger things than I am doing an opportunity to get their name out there and get a different angle on marketing that a lot of people don't have.... As consumers are moving toward the locally grown movement, it really gives them a leg up to join the locally grown movement."  (Garett Fisbeck)

Nationwide farming coalition helps Oklahoma veterans

For Brian Chambers, life after deployment is a struggle in some ways. “I was a special missions aviator in the Air Force for eight years. We were everywhere — Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa — and I was lucky; I didn’t sustain serious injury physically, but I do have some issues mentally. It’s hard to explain, but

Justin Lindstrom and Bill Tabernee pose for a photo at Saint Paul's Cathedral, Wednesday, March 30, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Oklahoma Conference of Churches explores right to farm issue

Oklahoma Conference of Churches’ second Evenings of Listening event explores the right to farm debate.

Playing chicken

Recently, the Oklahoma City Council rejected a proposal that would have allowed any resident to raise six backyard chickens without any special conditions and regardless of lot size. The measure failed 7-2 during the Dec. 31 meeting, with Salyer joining five other councilmen and Mayor Mick Cornett in their opposition. City ordinances currently allow chickens

Fancy farmin’

Samantha Lamb milks one of her cows. BY: Shannon Cornman Tall, sun-dried grass sweeps the broad borders of the old, abandoned barn, weaves in and out of the wooden stables and encircles the surface of a moss-topped pond.  No livestock or domestic friends inhabit the space yet, which is a change of pace from Lamb’s

‘Justified’ cause

On Oct. 19, Oklahoma Gazette published the top 10 residential and top 10 commercial users of Oklahoma City water. At No. 8 on the list of residential users provided by the city was an account for Rodney and Shauna Timms, 7515 S.W. 119th, showing around 2.1 million gallons of water used between September 2010 to

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