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Ottis Blumen Empire dress by Tea-$35. Twice a year, Tea Collection designers travel to a different country and come home with an inspiration to focus a children's clothing design on that country and their journey. (Shannon Cornman)

OKG Shop: Back to school

Whether you are getting the little ones ready for their first big day or wanting to look sharp for your first day back, several places in Oklahoma City can help you look your best.

Men, get dapper this season

Sure, all your mister has to do to get ready for a party is run a comb through his hair and throw on a suit jacket, but men like to get all spiffied up too, or they pretend they do anyway. Trade Men’s Wares (trademenswares.com; 822 N. Broadway Ave.; 371-2574) is a new pop-up shop


Over the last 47 years, the Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour has gradually become one of Oklahoma City favorite pastimes. This year’s event features a costumed narrated walking tour, a vintage automobile display and a vintage fashion display curated by Oklahoma State University fashion design students. The tours take place noon-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday,

Fashion, turn to the left!

His thick-framed glasses caught glasses caught our attention initially. In fact, it was such a craze that people went straight out and bought prescription-less frames just to be part of the fad. Now, just like any fashion savant who has topped the judge-y mountain that is high fashion, clout comes to the true sartorialist who

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