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Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2017

Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2017

Just because you’re “opposed to abortion” doesn’t make you “pro-life.”

Same-sex showdown

Voters in 2004 overwhelmingly approved a ban on same-sex marriage, but a state judge ruled in January that the ban was unconstitutional. The issue was argued in front of the court of appeals on April 17, marking only the second time a state same-sex marriage case has been heard by a federal court. James Campbell,

Fabric of society

It allows Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to access critical legal and financial information from professionals. Its website, livewoven.com, has educational content. Visitors can watch a video or read an article to learn how they can live their true lives amid the quagmire of complex and competing state and federal laws.

Federal grant helps fund disease research

Photo by Mark Hancock Grant funds will create the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources program, which creates partnerships between the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), Native American tribes and physicians across the state. “This gives us access to people and data immediately,” said Courtney Montgomery, Ph.D, an

‘It’s a fairness issue’

Photo courtesy Tulsa World / Michael Wyke / file Wheels in the suit are again grinding as state and federal laws continue to collide. Recently, all four, with their attorney, Don Holladay, filed paperwork with U.S. District Judge Terence Kern requesting he rule in their favor. They also said the Oklahoma law violates their constitutional

Informed and engaged

Lori Dickinson and Constance Lori Dickinson is entering her fifth year as the foundation’s president. Her passion and enthusiasm is apparent as she talks animatedly about the district and its kids. “So many of our children do not know what the statistics say about their future,” Dickinson said. “They dream, they play, they learn. I


On a steamy Saturday night, July 22, 1933, two married couples played bridge in the screened-in sunroom of a mansion near downtown. It was after 11:30 p.m., the game starting to wind down, when two armed men — one toting a submachine gun — burst in through the unlatched screen door. One of the women

Darts at arts

OK Mozart is among the programs likely to be impacted by the federal sequestration. As a state agency, OAC receives funding from two sources: state appropriations and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant. While state dollars account for 85 percent of its budget and will remain at the current level of $4 million,

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