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Slaid, Slaid songs

Roots rocker Slaid Cleaves’ influences are all of the usual suspects expected from someone of his songwriting ilk: Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen. But it was a youthful listen to one of his father’s Hank Williams albums that set Cleaves on his songwriting path. “I listened to those lonesome, sad songs, and it

Best Laid Plans

Subbing as the British film’s George and Lenny are, respectively, drugged-out thug Danny (Stephen Graham, Al Capone in TV’s Boardwalk Empire) and mentally handicapped giant Joseph (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, TV’s Lost). The former enrolls the latter against his will in unregulated MMA scuffles for quick paydays. Danny and Joseph are friends out of necessity, depending upon

King of Triads

When a crime lord is execution in cold blood — is there any other kind? — his will leaves his billion-dollar estate to his two grown children, Audrey (Bernice Liu, “The King of Fighters“) and Jason (Lok Yi Lai, making the jump from HK TV). This decision does not sit well with the criminal peers

The King of Fighters

In “Fighters,” three ancient artifacts — a sword, a shield and a chain-metal necklace that looks like Red Sonja’s thong — combine to unleash energy that opens a gateway to another dimension where characters compete in underground fighting tournaments to become the King of Fighters. There, logic and physics are on hold, tunnels are awash

13 Assassins

And this is the same man who made “Audition”? Yes, but don’t worry: He just saves most of it for the second half. Rest assured, heads will roll, literally. See the film for its visuals, not for its story. Martial arts films rarely are imbued with much in the way of plot, and this one


Turns out, the movie isn’t much more complex. Its near-future setting imagines a grim scenario following “the terror wars,” where the globe then is ruled by eight corporations. America has fallen to Tekken, where metal-helmeted warriors known as Jackhammers enforce the corrupt government, which has banned coffee, chocolate and oranges. But in the appropriately named

Video Game Reviews

Mortal KombatWB GamesXbox 360, Playstation 3 “Mortal Kombat” is a throwback to the early/mid- ’90s when people flooded into arcades to fight as their favorite characters. All of the established characters appear in this new version, and the player controls them similarly to their classic versions. As a fighting game, “Kombat” is easy to learn,

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