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Freeze causes city building to flood

The building’s basement flooded with more than 12 feet of water after a pipe leading to the fire suppression system burst early Sunday. City officials have not released a damage estimate yet, but Yager said the electrical system, computers, elevators and the heating and air units were affected. The water consumed the entire basement. The

Last call for Stage Center?

Johansen won an award from The American Institute of Architects for his work on the building in 1972. Kestrel Investments Inc. paid $4.2 million to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the theater last July and has plans to build a 14-16-story office tower (which will be home to the new OGE Energy Corp. headquarters)

Carpenter union

The “devastating” flood not only took out CST’s office, but also its stock of furniture, props and costumes. “It was shocking to see furniture and appliances floating in 3 feet of water, sometimes a hundred feet away from where it had been sitting before,” said Rhonda Clark, artistic director. She knew then that if Stage

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