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Frankenstein’s Army

(2013) So towering is the legend of Frankenstein, one found-footage film just isn’t enough. This spring saw the release of The Frankenstein Theory, and now we have the weirder, wilder, wonderfully imaginative Frankenstein’s Army. Near the end of WWII, a cameraman chronicles the mission of a Russian military unit under Stalin’s order. The men and

Monster mash

The Phantom of the Opera7:30 p.m. Thursday Lon Chaney’s name is forever associated with 1925’s The Phantom of the Opera, and for good reason: It’s one of the great performances in silent films. I don’t care how old you are or how many times you’ve seen it: When Christine (Mary Philbin) unmasks the Phantom 38

The Frankenstein Theory

Wait, wait! Don’t run off! This one’s better than the average entry, even if it’s not so revolutionary to change the minds of those who despise the delivery system. It opens Friday at AMC Quail Springs Mall, 2501 W. Memorial — one of about 15 theaters nationwide to get it. The picture’s snowy setting is reason


And, in the early ’90s, he starred as the mad doctor in Frankenstein … for TNT, not Kenneth Branagh. Provided you missed it on during its CableACE Award-nominated broadcast, the better-than-average production is now alive — alive! — on MOD DVD from Warner Archive. Bergin’s Dr. Frankenstein is even more enterprising than in the Mary Shelley


A film of stop-motion animation, it is a feature-length version of a charming but unremarkable live-action short he made for Disney in 1984, about a kid who revives his beloved dead dog via lightning bolts. The House of Mouse found the end result so odd and macabre that it shelved plans to send it to

Mad Monster Party?

Filmed in “Animagic” and with characters designed and a script by two Mad magazine giants — Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman, respectively — the movie got beloved horror icon Boris Karloff to voice mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein, who looks just like the actor. The doc has invited all of moviedom’s monsters — y’know, Dracula, the

Monster Brawl

If the answer is “yes,” then the feature film Monster Brawl was made for you. If you let it, watching it can be a ball. Just know going in it offers neither plot nor story — it’s a series of bouts in the ring, pure and simple, with eight monstrosities summoned from around the globe

‘Pride’ and joy

The Oklahoma Children’s Theatre and Oklahoma City University’s School of Theatre have teamed up to bring the beloved Jane Austen novel “Pride and Prejudice” to the stage. The OCT has performed plays based on literary works before, like Mary Shelley’s “Frankestein,” but this will be its first time performing an Austen adaptation. OCU students and


Troll movies number a scant few, so their relative absence as a screen creature makes “Trollhunter” seem that much more fresh — because God knows there’s no shortage of found-footage films these days. Speaking of God, the trolls here are drawn to the blood of Christians, so if you want to investigate them further, it’s

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

A cold, harsh, industrial orchestra of stylized cyberpunk violence, the Japanese film follows family man Anthony (Eric Bossick) into madness and metal after his young son is run over on purpose by some asshole driver (Tsukamoto). While Anthony’s wife (Akiko Mono, “Samurai Fiction”) grieves, Anthony pledges retribution, evolving into a literal machine, part by part.

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