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Challenge accepted

All we need is one example of an impossibility to prove Kern’s source is false. In Kern’s Bible, we read of the sun and moon standing still as related in Joshua. That means gravity ceased; the laws of physics were negated. Religion provides metaphors for an unschooled era; today’s science describes and measures reality. Kern’s

Design unintelligent

Let’s look at Lake Yellowstone and a diatom species, for an example: All over the world, a diatom known as S. niagara can be found. However, if one takes a close look at the sediments of Lake Yellowstone beginning about 14,000 years back, one can see S. niagarae transform into S. yellowstonensis within 4,000 years

‘If Kern needs convincing…’

Has he not seen the “Jurassic Park” movie? It’s a fantasy, to be sure, one I’d be loath to introduce into a serious discussion, but it illustrates the point that the Earth was once veritably crawling with serious predators that would make quick work of everyone today, not to mention Adam and Eve (not Adam

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