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Lana Lopez during Acrylic Painting taught by Bert Seabourn during this 8 week winter art class, 2-18-14, at Oklahoma Contemporary, 3000 General Pershing Blvd., at the Fairgrounds.  mh

Study shows low arts consumption in Oklahoma

Citizens in the state’s cities remain the main consumers of art.

Oklahoma Contemporary Gallery

Allied Arts hits record number of donors

Oklahoma arts programs like Allied Arts are suffering financially due to the budget shortfall and lower donations.


Girl Scouts’ Cookies & Cocktails event pairs everyone’s favorite cookie with alcohol for a cause

“I went to Girl Scout camp and sold cookies every year. I know that being a Girl Scout had a huge impact on me,” she said.

Super PACs pack it in

Following that U.S. Supreme Court decision, there arose political action committees known as “super PACs,” which can make independent expenditures on behalf of or against a candidate. Super PACs are allowed to take unlimited contributions from corporations or individuals, although they do not (wink, wink) “coordinate” with the candidates they’re supporting. Several Oklahoma names were

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