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Halloween: Oklahoma Gazette guides your Halloween movie streaming with these staff picks

Halloween: Oklahoma Gazette guides your Halloween movie streaming with these staff picks

Find these frightening flicks on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming sites.

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Cover Story: The Jones Assembly is a cornerstone for burgeoning Film Row district

“We all pulled different elements of places, restaurants, bars and music venues that we’d seen around this country and international,” Colton told Oklahoma Gazette. “Never was there something with all-in-one. It was a challenge and an opportunity, with a big bet made on Oklahoma City.”


Filmmaker Mike Mitchell receives deadCenter Film Festival award

It all began in Oklahoma City’s northwest suburbs in the 1980s. Mike Mitchell had a Mongoose bike, an 8mm camera and several buddies. Perhaps more importantly, he had imagination. “We went all over to creeks and on the back roads,” Mitchell recalled during a recent Oklahoma Gazette interview. “At that time, you didn’t have to

Gary Busey

Gary Busey receives Oklahoma Film Icon award at special gala

deadCenter Film Festival celebrates Busey’s accomplished career at a gala on Saturday.


Cover Story: Chicken-Fried News year in review and predictions for 2017

CFN looks back on 2016 and makes predictions about what Okies will get up to in 2017.

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Penn & Teller’s Penn Jillette talks politics, travel and value of truth ahead of Aug. 19 show

Jillette appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice with the show’s former host, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Piranha 3DD

It is there in the prologue where two former Okies (Gary Busey and Clu Gulager) and a farting dead cow get the party started, sending hatched baby piranha to Merkin County, Ariz. — a joke that should calibrate you with the movie’s wavelength … as if the bra-size title didn’t do that already. (I’d like

Point broke

Busey has less than $50,000 to his name, but owes at least 10 times that amount (and perhaps half a million more). Since HBO’s “Entourage” is history, thus denying him any further appearances playing himself, it’s unlikely he was going to luck into a gig lucrative enough to pay all that back. Don’t feel too

Do the Busey

Last week, the paparazzi outlet caught the Oscar-nommed actor (in 1979, mind you, but perhaps there’s hope next year with “Piranha 3DD”?) in a playful moment, dancing in a parking lot, presumably to an audience of his car’s open trunk (parked in a handicapped spot, for what that’s worth). Grooving awkwardly to Orleans’ soft-rock 1976

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