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Devon Energy Cana Field natural gas drilling rig.  file 11-18-09.  mh

Some Oklahoma lawmakers and business leaders are calling for increased gross production taxes

Some Oklahoma lawmakers and business leaders are calling for increased gross production taxes

Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance wants to return the gross production tax to 7 percent.


Chicken-Fried News: Easter eggs

A recent audit at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office revealed $3.36 million worth of missing property.

KIPP Reach College Preparatory students face off against community leaders at Feb. 2’s Are You Smarter Than a KIPPster fundraising event. | Photo bigstock.com

KIPP OKC students take on community leaders in a fundraising quiz-bowl challenge

The event will be hosted by former Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Turpen and former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys.

From left, Dr. Mickey Hepner, UCO, State Auditor Gary Jones, State Representitive Scott Inman, and State Senator Clark Jolley, talk in front of the stage before the start of the Annual State Budget Summit held at the Will Rogers Center, 1-28-16.  (Mark Hancock)

Lawmakers continue work to lessen Oklahoma budget woes

Oklahoma lawmakers try to find solutions to fix the state budget crisis.

Ledger report

Garrett, however, contends the report actually showed the opposite: that the department took steps not to illegally comingle private and public funds in order to pay for its annual leadership conference and other events. The report, released March 7, came about after Superintendent Janet Barresi asked Jones to look into questionable travel expenses by former

Time out

Misty Kimbrough was the subject of the state Department of Education-sanctioned audit, released Jan. 4. The report alleged that Kimbrough, whom the department let go in June, falsified travel expenses and was reimbursed for charges she did not incur. The audit revealed that she was reimbursed for a hotel stay and travel expenses in Oklahoma

Commentary: Grade expectations

And with Todd Lamb, Ken Miller, Mark Costello, John Doak and Gary Jones all cruising to victory last November, a new level of control was granted the state GOP, while creating an immediate expectation for change by those who supported this outcome. There will be pressure on the entire cadre of statewide officeholders to meet

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